The services we provide:

We provide very high quality and sought after Vintage, Urban and Contemporary Art throughout Kent.

All the art has full provenance as we only source from either the artists themselves or reputable and established galleries.

We offer unframed pieces but also can frame your art to your specifications and source art to match your taste.

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"Buying Art from the internet can be daunting, You cannot see the artwork at its original size and in its original colour. All of the pieces I have look stunning 'in the flesh' and computer images do not do them justice...

Any original artwork you are interested in I can bring to your house (within Kent) at an agreed time and date to suit yourself. You are then free to look at the art and match it to your furnishings.

I also attend Art Fairs and Pop-up exhibitions throughout Kent and East Sussex " ( Please follow the News link)

Contact Paul Connor:

Mobile: 07954180570






 Want to sell??

We are always looking to add to our collection, if you have any Japanese Woodblock Prints, please contact us.....

Featured Artist

 Chikanobu, We have a small collection of works by the artist. Like most ukiyo-e artists, he portrayed a great range of subjects, including historical battle scenes, kabuki actors, and bijinga, pictures of beautiful women. He became particularly well-known for his exquisite expositions of women's fashion, including both traditional and Western clothing, distinctively illuminating the changes and development in coiffures and make-up through the centuries.

 Getting Around

The website has a number of features, the main artists you can access through the navigation pane at the top of the Homepage, the Research area has information about the History and Production of Japanese Woodblock Prints with informational videos to watch. The Other Artists section has many other Ukiyo-e artists but also other well known Japanese Woodblock Print artist from 1870-present day.